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Jump in a Mini Cooper S Cabriolet and drive around the Helvetic country.
Discover the historical Swiss castles from the XIII and XIV century, real national treasures where you can relive the times of knights and demoiselles!

Self drive experience tour


You can ideally visit… 3 castles of your own choice

1 – Château de Nyon
Drive to Novidunum, now called Nyon, a city founded by Jules Cesar himself and visit its château. Built in the 13th century by the Counts of Savoy on top of Roman ruins, the château of Nyon dominats the town by its five huge towers.

2 – Château de Prangins
Located to only 3 kilometers from Nyon, conMnue your journey with the visit of Château de Prangins. The Château and its French gardens enchant visitors with their beauty and stunning views of the Lake of Geneva.

3 – Château de Morges
Drive to the village of Morges and discover the Medieval Château de Morges. Order by Louis of Savoy during the 13th century, the castle is a magnificent example of a typical Savoyard Carré

4 – Cathédrale de Lausanne
Notre-Dame Cathedral is an imposing building dating back to the Middle Ages, located in the Old Town of Lausanne.

5 – Château de Chillon
Located on an island, on Lake Geneva, the castle of Chillon is the symbol of the French-speaking Switzerland. .

6- Château d’Aigle
Finish your journey with the prestigious Château d’Aigle. Located in the heart of the renowned vineyards between the Alps and Lake Geneva, Château d’Aigle lies in an idyllic setting.


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Château de Prangins

Château de Chillon

Château d’Aigle


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