Windsor Salon
Photo salon windsor

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This elegant room captures the spirit of the Beau Rivage. It opened as a magnificent stage for what was a major media event: the auction of the Duchess’s jewels. Your guests will find its distinguished splendour reminiscent of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the lives of the legendary couple.

Possible combinations
Windsor salon + Trémois
Area 105m²
Height 3.5m
Conference layout
Classroom 50 persons
Theatre style 130 persons
Round table (7-12 places) 100 persons
Rectangular Table (6-10 places) 100 persons
Royal table 45 persons
Cocktail 150 persons
Salon only
Conference layout
U-shaped 12 persons
Classroom 20 persons
Theatre style 50 persons
Oval table 20 persons
Round table (7-12 places) 35 persons
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 40 persons
Royal table 20 persons
Cocktail 50 persons