Sarah Bernhardt Salon
Photo salon sarah bernhardt

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This room, just next to the Impératrice room, with its wide bay windows, offers stunning views over the shores of the lake which Sarah Bernhardt delighted in contemplating from her window. A story-book theatre room illuminated by sparkling crystal.

Possible combinations
Sarah Bernhardt salon + De Brunswick
Area 200m²
Height 3.5m
Conference layout
U-shaped 80 persons
Classroom 120 persons
Theatre style 300 persons
Oval table 70 persons
Round table (7-12 places) 130 personnes
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 180 persons
Cocktail 250 persons
Salons Sarah Bernhardt + Impératrice
Area 210m²
Height 3.5m
Conference layout
Classroom 110 persons
Theatre style 260 persons
Round table (7-12 places) 190 persons
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 180 personnes
Cocktail 300 persons
Salons Sarah Bernhardt + Imperatrice
+ De Brunswick
Area 330m²
Height 3.5m
Round table (7-12 places) 320 persons
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 340 persons
Cocktail 600 persons
Salons Sarah Bernhardt + De Brunswick + Imperatrice
+ Foyer
Area 408m²
Height 3.5m
Round table (7-12 places) 360 persons
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 380 persons
Cocktail 650 persons
Salon only
Conference layout
U shaped 25 persons
Classroom 50 persons
Theatre style 90 persons
Oval table 25 persons
Round table (7-12 places) 60 persons
Rectangular table (6-10 places) 70 persons
Royal table 25 persons
Cocktail 100 persons