Salon plan
Description of salons
Salon layout Area Dimensions U Classroom Theatre Meat Cabaret Royal Cocktail
130m² 10 x 13m 45 80 150 120 65 40 200
Sarah Bernhardt
80m² 10 x 8m 25 50 90 60 30 25 100
De Brunswick
120m² 15 x 8m 40 60 170 120 65 40 150
78m² 6 x 13m - - - 50 - 30 100
Impératrice + Sarah Bernhardt
210m² 10 x 21m - - 200 200 100 - 300
Sarah Bernhardt + de Brunswick
200m² 25 x 8m 60 120 240 200 110 60 250
Impératrice + Sarah Bernhardt + de Brunswick + Foyer
408m²   - - 350 300 - - 650
De Windsor
45m² 7.50 x 6m 12 20 35 35 20 22 50
60m² 10 x 6m 25 30 50 45 35 25 80
De Windsor  + Trémois
105m² 17.5 x 6m 40 50 130 80 60 25 150
21m² 4.70 x 4.50m - - 15 12 - 12 20
Brunswick Salon
Imperatrice Salon
Sarah Bernhardt Salon
Windsor Salon
Trémois Salon
Masaryk Salon
Luxurious rooms


Surface area: 120 m²
Height: 3.5 m

This room is a tribute to Duke Charles of Brunswick, benefactor of the city of Geneva to which he bequeathed his fortune. Its generous proportions make it suitable for seminars and conferences for up to 170 participants. The adjacent rooms can easily be annexed to it.

Conference layout
Theatre style
Oval table

Round table (7-12 places)
Rectangular table (6-10 places)
Royal table


This welcoming space is original and multipurpose and has seen plenty of impromptu dances organised on its polished floor by the forebears of the Mayer family. The fact that it is an open and flexible space means that it can be adapted in a trice to meet your most capricious ideas for a reception.



This room, with its flower-bedecked terrace, has an imperial majesty and harks back to the romantic Empress “Sissi” whose beauty and personality have left indelible traces on the Beau-Rivage.

Its size makes it suitable for fashion shows and art exhibitions. Its stunning surroundings are also ideal for those seeking, if only for an evening, to experience the splendour of a past era.


The most intimate of our rooms. Its comfortable, elegant surroundings, ideal for board meetings, are a reminder of the birth of Czechoslovakia at the Beau-Rivage on 1st November 1918 in the presence of the man who was to become its President, Tomas G. Masaryk. Lemonwood panelling, original furniture and stained glass create an atmosphere conducive to important decisions.


This room, just next to the Impératrice room, with its wide bay windows, offers stunning views over the shores of the lake which Sarah Bernhardt delighted in contemplating from her window. A story-book theatre room illuminated by sparkling crystal.


This room was designed and decorated in the 1970s as a tribute to the famous French painter, sculptor and engraver Pierre-Yves Trémois. Its pure lines place it in the annals of contemporary art. Its aesthetic yet practical layout make it ideal for seminars, business receptions and banquets.


This elegant room captures the spirit of the Beau Rivage. It opened as a magnificent stage for what was a major media event: the auction of the Duchess’s jewels. Your guests will find its distinguished splendour reminiscent of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the lives of the legendary couple.