History and heritage
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A legenderay hotel

Beau-Rivage, founded by the Mayer family in 1865, is sought out by guests looking for a traditional luxury which has sacrificed nothing of its refined discretion and its intimacy.

Hotel legendary for being the place where Empress “Sissi” and the great men and women of history have left their mark, has been at the forefront of hospitality for more than four generations.

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Sissi at Beau-Rivage

Learn about the tragic assassination of the Empress Sissi on 10 September 1898 through a text written by Fanny MAYER, the wife of Charles Albert-MAYER and the grandmother of the current BEAU-RIVAGE owners.

Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria passed away at Beau-Rivage, stabbed by an unidentified person as she was boarding for Territet.

"The tragedy happened 50 years ago, but I remember it as if it were just yesterday", Mrs. Mayer narrates with emotion.

The tragic end of a legendary empress ( 86 Kb PDF )

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Important events


Discover Beau-Rivage's 145 years of history. From the time Jean-Jacques MAYER founded the hotel in 1865 until the assassination of Empress Elisabeth in 1898, and the shutdown of the hotel during World War II in 1940.

All the important events are described and explained through momentous dates that have made the history, legend, and identity of Beau Rivage.

Historical events ( 94 Kb PDF)

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