Relaxation & well-being centre
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Business & relaxation

In a quiet, comfortable setting the Business Corner and the Internet cabins provides state-of-the art facilities for businessmen and women.

The fitness room adds to our guests’ well-being. It is light and airy, very well-equipped and freely accessible at any time of the day.

Secretarial services, treatments, invigorating and relaxing massages, and sports coaching, by appointment. Please contact the concierge.

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Well-being & relaxation at Beau-Rivage

These massages are well-being treatments and can be considered as therapeutic.

They can take place in your room or in our new space dedicated to massage.

Relaxing massage :
Gentle and soft massage with a lot of effleurages (rhythmic strokes on the skin) releasing accumulated tension, for total relaxation.

Sports massage :
Pre-event sport massage given to improve performance and help decrease injuries, or massage helping the body recover from the stresses of strenuous exercise, and facilitates the rebuilding phase of conditioning.

Energetic massage :
Dynamizing treatment both for body and soul. Rejuvenating, draining and relaxing.

It is a stress-realising massage using acupressure points.

Plantar reflexology :
Massage of the major acupressure points on the soles of the feet to restore the body ‘s equilibrium. Improves blood circulation, restores energy flow and relieves pains.

Schedules and rates :


Schedules from 8h to 20h from 20h to 23h from 23h to 01h
60 min CHF 250,- CHF 290,- CHF 430,-
90 min CHF 340,- CHF 390,- CHF 540,-
120 min CHF 430,- CHF 490,- CHF 650,-


Please kindly reserve your treatment at least 3 hours ahead with our concierge department.

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