Humanitarian Commitment
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Buakhao White Lotus Foundation

Beau‐Rivage cultivates its humanist conscience with heartfelt commitment. Each and every philanthrophic event and experience is an encounter.

Defending children's rights as a priority.

In 1993, Catherine Nickbarte-Mayer, administrator and co-owner of Beau-Rivage created Buakhao Foundation to fight against the sexual exploitation of children in Thailand. Over 1,000 children have already been saved from or prevented from falling victim to sexual exploitation through its programme in mountain villages. The number of requests to take in children has constantly risen over the past 20 years, particularly ever since the Chinese borders have opened. A second home had to be opened on the field, with a centre that now accommodates forty children. Outside of the centre, 110 other children are also monitored, with full support for their schooling, medical care, and legal accompaniment.

Sponsor a child (for a minimum of one year), or send a donation to BUAKHAO White Lotus Foundation!

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Red Cross Ball

When generosity becomes performance

Beau-Rivage is very committed to International Geneva and to humanitarian causes. It has been the main sponsor of the Red Cross Ball ever since its creation in 2002. Beau-Rivage offers the gourmet menu to 800 guests and also provides all the necessary staff and material, thereby providing massive support for this event, the most prestigious non-profit event of its kind in Switzerland.

Each year, Beau-Rivage also lodges the stars and distinguished guests at this gala evening free of charge. The Annual Swiss Red Cross Ball raises funds that go to the "Victims of Forgotten Disasters" programme as a priority. The 2010 Ball raised CHF 700'000- that have been allocated to Swiss Red Cross projects in India, Bolivia, Cambodia, Mali, Togo, and Swaziland.

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