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Sarah Bernhardt Room

Described as a monstre sacré by Cocteau, this great tragedian of the 19th century,

a woman of strongly independent character, Sarah Bernhardt’s name has been given

to one of the sumptuous salons of the Beau-Rivage as a tribute to the women who have

run the Hotel over the generations.

Impératrice Room
De Brunswick Room
  • Area
    80 m²
  • Connecting with
    the Imperatrice Salon and De Brunswick Salon

Possible configurations

  • U-shaped: 25 people
  • Classroom: 50 people
  • Theatre style: 90 people
  • Round tables: 60 people
  • Cabaret: 30 people
  • Oval tables: 25 people
  • Cocktail party: 100 people