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Private spaces, all with natural light and the marvellous views

of the Lake or the Brunswick Gardens, our venues are notable for their peace

and serenity within the heart of a lively city.

Rooms are specially set up according to your needs, preferences and desires.

We will always seek to provide a working environment that is second to none.

The Beau-Rivage welcomes you for:

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The Beau-Rivage offers you:

Private venue with natural light and the view on the lake and the Mont Blanc
for the function of your choice with an area of up to 530m2 furnished according to your needs


Fine cuisine orchestrated by Dominique Gauthier,
Starred Chef of Le Chat-Botté and his brigade:


bouton site


 City-centre location (5 minutes from the station, 20 minutes from the airport),
valet parking and car park facilities in the vicinity


+ 41 22 716 69 35