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Humanitarian commitment

The Beau‐Rivage responds to its humanitarian awareness

with spontaneous deeds of an uncompromising nature.

Every event or philanthropic action,

every experience, tells the story of an encounter.

Buakhao White Lotus foundation

Defending children’s rights as a priority.

The Buakhao Foundation was founded by Catherine Nickbarte-Mayer in 1993 to fight against the sexual exploitation of children in Thailand.

Sponsor a child or send a donation to the BUAKHAO White Lotus Foundation!



The Swiss Red Cross Ball

When generosity becomes performance.

Main sponsor of the Red Cross Ball, the Beau-Rivage provides a gourmet menu for the 800 guests of this prestigious evening occasion.



The Beau-Rivage also supports:

Société d’entraide Israélite

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Bal du printemps

Fondation Lionel Perrier :

Association Les Enfants du Pérou :

Fondation Ensemble :

Union for International Cancer Control :