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Exercise and comfort to achieve well-being.

                   Sport hall

Would you like to exercise, to reduce stress and to become full of energy?

Come to the sports hall, guided by the advice of a professional who will suggest activities tailored to your needs



                   Se ressourcer et s’évader

Would you like to relax and escape?

In a busy world full of attractions, a massage is relaxing, invigorating and cleansing… a promise of pure serenity.


  • Relaxing massage (comfort)
  • Sports massage (tonic)
  • Energising massage (invigorating the body and the spirit)
  • Reflexology (massage stimulating areas of the feet)

 Timetable and rates

Duration From 8 am to 8 pm From 8 pm to 11 pm From 11 pm to 1 am
60 min CHF 250,- CHF 290,- CHF 430,-
90 min CHF 340,- CHF 390,- CHF 540,-
120 min CHF 430,- CHF 490,- CHF 650,-

Concierge Desk Contact

To make an appointment, please contact the Concierge desk 3 hours in advance
+41 22 716 68 30