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150th anniversary

Beau-Rivage takes you into the heart of its life story, through a fascinating book which narrates 150 years of existence.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of their Hotel, the Mayer family invites you to discover Beau-Rivage through a magnificent book specially edited for the occasion. The pages reveal the history of the hotel through illustrations, photos, archival documents and texts.
An invitation to dream and to discover.

Like a travel diary, where every page is unique, you’ll dive in the universe of Beau-Rivage and find out how this legendary hotel has gone through time.

Between famous clients, evolving technology and Geneva’s history, you will enter into the hotel’s soul and become a witness of an exceptional adventure.

For this exceptional jubilee, this anniversary book will narrate you the past, the present and also the future of Beau-Rivage,
a Hotel where passion and audacity are combined.